Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some questions we often get asked by parents before they book a camp with us. You may find the answer to your own question here. If not, we are always happy to hear from parents, so please feel free to call us on +65 6664 8122 or email us at

Q: What’s the latest I can leave it to book before the camp actually begins?

A: Booking closes one week before start of each camp, but as places fill up quickly, we advise booking early to avoid disappointment. If you do decide you’d like to book at the very last minute, give us a call on +65 6664 8122 or drop us an email at to see if we can accommodate you


Q: The camp I’m looking at starts four days before my child’s birthday, so technically she can’t get in. Do you make any allowances?

A: Yes, although every circumstance is different. Do feel free to call us on +65 6664 8122 or send us an email at so we can discuss your child’s individual needs before we say yes or no.


Q: Where do the kids eat lunch?

A: All kids eat in a separate activity room which is used for their lunch and snack breaks. At SJI International the kids have their meals at the canteen. 


Q: My child has food allergies. Are you able to provide a different meal?

A: All our food does NOT contain nuts and pork. We offer the following meal options which you can request during the booking process: Vegetarian, No Beef, No Seafood, No Dairy, No Eggs.  If you have other food allergies please call us on +65 6664 8122 or email us at to see if we can help.


Q: Will I receive any emails with information on where I should go on the first day of Discovery Camp?

A: Yes, you will receive information on your booking confirmation email plus two weeks prior to camp you will be given the full class timetable information.


Q: What is the class size and teacher student ratio?

A: Each of our class can take up to 12 kids. For our 3 to 5 year old camps, the teacher ratio is 1:6. For ages 6 and above, the teacher ratio is 1:12.

Q: Do you offer refunds?

A: No, once you have confirmed for the holiday camp by making payment, no refunds will be allowed. You are allowed to change your camp to another date or activity if 10 days' prior notice is given but subject to availability. 

Q: Do you offer a bus service?

A: At the moment, we do not offer a bus service for both our locations at United Square and Parkway Parade. However they are easily accessible by public transport please check out the following page for more location information click here. We do offer a bus service for our location at SJI International. Please click here for more information on the bus stops available. 


Q: Do you need to be able to get hold of me or another responsible adult known to my child at all times?

A: Yes, it’s very important to give us an up to date emergency contact number in your parent account in case we have to get hold of you. This can be a guardian, if you’re away.


Q: I have work commitments and need to plan ahead. What day and time can parents come to see what their children have been doing?

A: We invite parents in Actor's Studio to come along from 2pm each Friday. You’ll receive a reminder early in the week.


Q: Is there any provision for kids with special needs?

A: It’s our policy not to exclude anyone due to special needs, wherever possible. The needs of each child vary, so decisions are made on a case-by-case basis, depending on the level of support each individual child requires to enable them to fully participate in and enjoy activities at Discovery Camps. If your child has special needs, please call us at +65 6664 8122 to discuss how we can best accommodate those needs and consider whether we need to make any special arrangements.


Q: If my child wants to come to more than one camp or I have two or more children, is there any discount?

A: We do offer a 10% discount if you are booking for more than one camp or if you have two or more children. Drop us an email to find out about the discount code. We do have an early bird discount leading up to summer camps. During this period besides the early bird discount the only other discount that applies will be the group discount for 5 or more kids. For a group of 5 or more kids do drop us an email to find out more. Ensure you sign up to our Mailing List to get the latest news.

Q: Does my child need to be fully toilet- trained?

A: Yes we do require kids to be fully toilet- trained. 


Q: What do I need to pack?

A: Campers just need to bring a water bottle which is clearly labelled with their name.


Q: What should my child wear?

A: We want the kids to be as comfortable as possible so we do not have a strict dress code. We do recommend trainers and many proudly wear their cool Discovery Camps T-shirt.


Q: What do I do if I am having trouble booking online?

A: We have a great online system so all bookings can usually be easily and quickly made on our secure form via our website Should you encounter any difficulties when trying to book online, please contact our friendly team who’ll be pleased to help. Call +65 6664 8122 or email

Q: If I’m running late for drop off or pick up, or I’m worried about whether my kid settled in OK, who do I speak to?

A: We’ll give you the cell numbers for your Discovery Camps Manager as part of your booking confirmation email. It’s their job to ensure every kid has the best time at Discovery Camps.


Q: How can I pay?

A: Payments will need to be made online. We use GlobalPay to process secure payments. If there are issues with any online payment please contact us at: +65 6664 8122 or email us at to pay via bank transfer or cheque.