STEM Explorers

STEM is the newest topic in education, and an integral part of the world’s future.

The number of STEM jobs will grow twice as fast in the future than other jobs, and people working in STEM will earn much more than their non-STEM colleagues.

Now your child can have first access to this future education through our STEM Explorer camps at Discovery Camps, for the first time!

STEM Explorers is designed to teach Science,Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in a fun and engaging way. The children will explore STEM topics and related activities that require creativity and problem-solving. They will be engaged in a variety of projects such as experiments, physical building of science kits, simple coding and mental puzzles, both independently and collaboratively.  

In our STEM Explorer camps, your child will not only learn the elementary version of the subject, but will also improve his/ her social skills and make new friends!  

How the STEM Explorers camp will help your child: 
• Boost in them critical skills like problem-solving, logical reasoning, and creativity, through hands-on activities and experiments  

• Make connections to their daily experiences- All STEM activities involve hands-on experiments and activities that help them learn new concepts, knowledge and skills and most importantly, to relate to the many things and processes that they see around them! 

• Make them better team players and improve their social skills, as most STEM projects in the camp are done in groups   

• Be inspired! The idea of STEM education is to make children realize how STEM can simplify and improve our lives. Let your child be excited about learning and get inspired for the future! 

Camp activities:
Science: The children will conduct little experiments related to the 5 elementary topics of Forces, Flight, Light, Shadows and Chemical Reaction 

Technology: They will programme a robot (Wonder Robot Dash) with codes to perform a space adventure of locating space junk and moving them into the designated collection zones 

Engineering: Students will make small constructions with cardboards and other materials and learn how engineers build bridges and simple, every day machines, to make our lives easier 

Mathematics: They will use fun puzzles to learn logic, visual/ spatial skills, symmetry concepts, and problem-solving 

At the end of the camp, the children will hold an exhibition at the camp venue, showcasing all that they have built in the last 5 days.

You are invited to visit, and your child, along with her/his team, will share their experiences, and explain how they developed their creations, and the new skills they have learnt!

This camp is best suited for children who: 
• Have an exploratory mind and want to know how everything works 
• Like to be hands-on and work build and disassemble objects 
• Have a keen sense of imagination and curiosity 
• Enjoy new experiences by oneself or with others 

Camp Date
Dec 9 to 13

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Personalised Attention: 1-on-1 support for you and your child before, during and after the camp.

Central locations: Our camps are held in key and easily accessible areas of Singapore, with a private bus service to and from our camps.

Experienced Teachers: Our teachers are highly qualified, with expertise in teaching both hard and soft skills to young children, while our attentive team has years of experience in managing them.

Healthy Food: Lunch and morning snack are delivered daily by Michelin Star Celebrity Chef Emmanuel Stroobant. 
6 to 8 years old







08:30 -09:00


09:00 - 10:00


How to counter the force of Gravity? Explore ways to delay freefall!



How do wings lift up a bird and a plane?



How do substances react and transform? Test it out and be awed!


How does light travel?

Carry out experiments to find out the path of light.


How do I make my shadow disappear? Explore the different ways to change the size and shape of shadows!

10:00 - 10:30

Snack Break

10:30 - 11:30


Introduction to robotics and Wonder Workshop Robot Dash. Explore basic functions of Robot. 


Fuel trouble. Programme Dash to retrieve Fuel Hoops.


Complete the Space Junk programming challenge by clearing the large chunks of junk!


Complete the Space Recyclables challenge.


Continuation of Space Minerals Challenge.

11:30 - 12:30

Learn about space travel and exploration. Design simple codes to ignite Robot Dash to space.

Learn about space trash problem in space. Programme Dash to use a gripper vest to locate Space Junk using sensors.

Create a unique bulldozer for Dash and programme Dash to sort Space Junk and Recyclables.

Learn about Space mining. Programme Dash to extract Space Minerals using a head attachment.


Final mission: Using his gripper vest, detect and gather rare minerals. Descend back to Earth

12:30 - 13:00

Lunch Break

13:00 - 14:00


 3 2 1 Launch!

Make a catapult and hide it in a box.


Let’s learn about bridge designs and make some bridge paper models.


How much weight can the bridge withstand before giving way.


Simple machines

Make a DIY robotic hand


Simple machines

Raise the flag with a pulley!

14:00 - 15:00


Spatial Geometry

Creative thinking with Tangrams


Spatial Geometry

Decode with Pentominoes



Make a pattern with repeating shapes!



Explore lines of symmetry


Symmetry Have fun with Symmetry





Winter Holiday Dates 2019

Camp Week Dates Location 6 to 8 9 to 12
Week 4 Dec 9 to 13 SJI International Available NA    

All camp weeks run Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm.

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STEM Explorers Ages 6-8

STEM Explorers